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ID Transaction Identification Code
Trading Date And Time
Instrument Identification Code Type Instrument Identification Code Price Price Notation Price Currency Notation Of The Quantity In Measurement Unit Quantity In Measurement Unit Quantity Notional Amount Notional Currency Type Venue Of Execution
Publication Date And Time
Transaction To Be Cleared Flags
AP972020092410009990445 2330BDERV20200924483079 2020-09-23T22:32:35.000000Z OTHR 12522 MONE EUR 4,00 4,00 EUR XOFF 2020-09-24T00:50:28.849376Z true TPAC
AP972020092410009990436 2330BDERV20200924483078 2020-09-23T22:16:01.000000Z OTHR 12530 MONE EUR 4,00 4,00 EUR XOFF 2020-09-24T00:35:24.419295Z true TPAC
AP972020092410009990427 2330BDERV20200924483077 2020-09-23T21:29:37.000000Z OTHR 26666 MONE USD 2,00 2,00 USD XOFF 2020-09-24T00:02:49.690153Z true TPAC